About Us

The "Emergency Services Report" is a full colour magazine distributed Australia wide and was created to assist preservation of life in any situation by offering useful tips and information. Simple, yet essential skills and knowledge can preserve life, protect a casualty and possibly prevent a potential life threatening accident - knowledge which no parent, partner, motorist or workmate can do without. As well as useful tips and information the team at Emergency Services Report has published many stories bout the men and women that belong to the fantastic organisations that prevent, respond to and clear up small or large emergencies in our community.


Through our thirteen years of publishing we have covered topics as varying as Bushfire Safety, First Aid Tips, Sun, Beach and Surf Safety, Road Safety and Safety in the Home.
We also endeavour to cover topics about our Emergency Personnel in Australia such as Firefighters, Emergency Medical And Nursing, Rescue Personnel and Surf Lifesavers- right through to articles about our Australian Defence Forces.
Amongst our numerous Reports we also like to cover personal accounts from those of us unfortunate enough to be at the wrong end of a disaster such as the Queensland floods in January 2011.

We envisage that through our efforts in producing this publication, even if the messages we wish to convey can save one life, hopefully more, we have achieved our goal. At the same time we wish to provide articles that entertain and peak the curiosity of our readers. We pride ourselves on providing topical, relevant, information directly into the hands of the community.


The "Emergency Services Report" also offers professionally designed advertising in all of our editions. We will custom design advertisements targeted at the needs of each individual business. You can read more about our advertising services on our Support Us page.


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